Instructions for authors

How to prepare articles

The articles should be written in English language only.
The style of writing must meet usual standards for mathematical papers.
Papers written in a careless manner will not be accepted, independently of their mathematical contents.
Read more: Publishing standards

Authors are requested to use LaTeX or TeX in preparation of their articles, preferably in a LaTeX template that can be downloaded here. To be able to process the document made using the template file, the document class file "aadmbook.cls" is required which can be downloaded here. Specific style guidelines can be downloaded here.

Regardless of a typesetting system, the output must be a pdf file.

How to submit articles

To submit a paper, the author has to be registered in the site.
The registration is easy, it takes a few minutes, and once being registered, an author can submit papers any time in future with registered login email and password.

If there are multiple authors, the author who submits the paper will be regarded as the corresponding author, and his/her registered email address will be used for correspondence related to the submission.

Only pdf files can be submitted

Further details about online submission can be found in the Author menu, which becomes available upon logging in the site.

Only registered users can log in

If you are not registered yet, click here to register.

Status tracking

The corresponding author can see the current status of a submission by logging in the site and choosing 'Your submissions' from 'Author menu'.