Reviewing and Publishing


Each contribution will be reviewed by members of editorial board and peer-refereed by experts in the corresponding field. As a rule, within six months from a submission, the corresponding author will be informed about the decision regarding the paper.

Acceptance letter

The acceptance letter will be sent to the corresponding author by email. Exceptionally, upon request, a letter of acceptance may be sent to a postal address.

Preparation for print

Upon the acceptance, the corresponding author will be asked to supply a TeX file, for the final preparation of the paper. The laid out PDF file will be sent to corresponding author for proofreading. After returning the proofs, authors are solely responsible for all misprints and other unnoticed inaccuracies.

Posting on the site

Shortly after the paper is accepted, it will be posted on this web site, formatted in final form, except of pagination.


The electronic edition of AADM is publicly available on the Web page, and authors may download their articles. Each author will receive a copy of the issue of AADM where her/his paper is published, to the mailing address which is provided at submission. Offprints may be ordered by request, prior to print.